Thursday, November 5, 2009

“Law and Order” Episode – A Pro-Life Cultural Victory!

by Cindy Hopkins

I couldn’t believe my eyes. On Friday, October 23rd NBC aired an episode of Law and Order, entitled “Dignity” on the subject of late-term abortion. NBC “borrowed” the story line from Spring headlines in their episode when a late-term abortion doctor is shot dead while in church praying.

“Dignity” is a show of improbabilities - first in that pro-life characters are depicted not as a band of brainless activists but instead as an intelligent community of people with worthy convictions and sensitivities. And secondly, in that it portrays abortion supporters, (“I grew up thinking Roe v. Wade was gospel,” says one female district attorney), grappling with their firmly held views on women’s reproductive rights.

The poignant testimony of a nurse describing how a baby born alive dies after having scissors plunged into its skull by the abortion doctor visibly affects the aforementioned female district attorney.

Another tender testimony from a mother who chooses not to abort her terminally ill baby but instead opts to “let her die with dignity” beautifully builds a case for life. One district attorney even concedes, “Cats and dogs have more rights than the unborn” and “Roe v. Wade wasn’t written in stone; it could use another look.”

Yes, all this and more on primetime television!

I won’t give away the rest of the plot but the episode is definitely worth watching (available on and can be considered a cultural victory in the battle to shape the hearts of America towards life. Contact NBC today and thank them for airing this episode!

Cindy Hopkins is Vice President of Center Services at Care Net.