Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inspiring Pregnancy Centers, Despite Ongoing Attacks

Care Net President Melinda Delahoyde posted today on the PCCList blog about the ongoing attacks on pregnancy centers. She first addresses the issue of undercover fake clients being sent into pregnancy centers by abortion advocacy groups:

"In general, the fake clients that enter pregnancy centers do so with the specific objective of claiming they were mistreated in some way. In other words, they are going to accuse the center of mistreatment regardless of how professional and legally compliant the center is. These are not objective measures of pregnancy center professionalism."
She speaks directly to centers, encouraging them to be on guard, to employ best practices, but ultimately not to be fearful:

"Pregnancy centers are wise to anticipate these attacks but not to be fearful of them -- what is meant for harm, can be used for good. The best way to prepare is first to ensure that your center is serving with excellence, from the moment that woman calls or visits your website to the moment she leaves."
She also encourages pregnancy centers to engage in pro-active outreach to leaders in places of influence - ensuring that they, not NARAL, are the first to introduce their ministry to such individuals:

"...we encourage centers to make it a point to introduce their ministry to leaders in their community -- not just church leaders, but city council members, newspaper editorialists, state legislators, and others in places of influence."
Would you like to become a pregnancy center advocate in your community? One of the best tools for educating others about pregnancy centers is the new national report, "A Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life." Download or purchase a copy and share with friends and leaders you know.

For the full blog post, visit the PCCList blog, a news service of Baptists for Life.