Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take the REAL Quiz about Pregnancy Centers!

NARAL Pro-Choice America is continuing their old tactics of spreading false accusations about pregnancy centers. In fact, their latest gimic is a quiz being circulated on the Internet which specifically targets Care Net.

Find out the truth for yourself! Spend two minutes and take Care Net's "REAL Quiz about Pregnancy Centers" - then forward it to your contacts!

The best way to respond to this negativity is to initiate a postiive, pro-active communications strategy in your community. Help get out the truth by sharing the Inspire Life website with a friend or joining our conversation on Facebook.




LANSDOWNE, VA -- The following statement was released by Care Net in response to NARAL Pro-Choice America's anti-pregnancy center "quiz":

"Abortion advocacy groups like NARAL have been working hard this year to perpetuate the 'boogeyman' idea that the work of pregnancy centers is harming women," said Kristin Hansen, Care Net's Vice President of Communications. "Every day, there’s a new blog post, video, 'undercover report,' or now, here’s a flashy quiz to help build an email list and raise money. These scare tactics are riddled with false accusations and are meant to deter women from visiting pregnancy centers for help. That's why Care Net has released the 'REAL Quiz about Pregnancy Centers' to counter NARAL's negativity with the truth.

"If you take a closer look, you see that the negative information about pregnancy centers comes from the same people who are usually a staff person, volunteer, or member of an abortion advocacy group. The complaints do not come from actual clients, who regularly give high approval ratings of the pregnancy center they visited.

"As an affiliation group of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers, Care Net is proud of the amazing work of pregnancy centers that strive to serve individuals with excellence, integrity, and compassion. It’s hard, thankless, volunteer work, but incredibly rewarding and life-giving. Those serving in pregnancy centers should be thanked and supported.

"Despite these ongoing attacks from NARAL, a growing number of people are getting excited about the compassionate work of pregnancy centers. Care Net sees wonderful doors opening this year as more community leaders are stepping up to open new pregnancy centers in cities where there are few or none. Every day, someone’s heart is touched with the vision of reaching out to women facing unplanned pregnancies with practical help and emotional support. There's no new mean-spirited quiz or negative campaign that can prevent the growth of this positive movement in the hearts of volunteers across America."

Kristin Hansen is Vice President of Communications at Care Net.