Tuesday, September 29, 2009

750 Miles to Care Net Conference: We are Inspired!

Picture this: six cyclists (and one driver) arriving at the Care Net National Pregnancy Center Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, completing their 750 mile trip from Grand Rapids, Michigan, a cheering crowd of conference attendees, big smiles, exhaustion and satisfaction in an amazing journey well done!

Mark Congrove, Executive Director of the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan had a wild idea. Bike to the Care Net conference in Baltimore, raise awareness about the plight of women facing unplanned pregnancies and the compassionate work of pregnancy centers along the way, and make pit stops at various pregnancy centers for publicity and refreshment. It was a vision that many responded to, including Rep. Peter Hoekstra who apparently biked part of the way with them!

Their blog followed their bike ride – wherever they could find Wifi:

“What is done here at Lakeshore Pregnancy Center is so much more than simply preventing abortions or showing students why God's truth makes sense in their lives. LPC is playing a vital role in restoring men, women, children, and families to God, His truth, and the blessings that come with that.” Read more…
Please join us in congratulating the Bike for Life team from Michigan! We know that their efforts will be fruitful not only in their own lives but in the lives of their community that will continue to be impacted by their devotion and efforts!

Send a congrats to Director Mark Congrove at mark@lpcenters.com.

If you want to plan out next year’s bike ride, the 2010 Care Net National Pregnancy Center Conference will be in Grapevine, Texas (near Dallas)! Go for it!